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Links for 1837 Rebellion Assignment (2013)
Upper Canada - Document 1
Lower Canada - Document 2


Old Links for OLD 1837 Rebellion Assignment (2008-2012)
Historica - Document 1
1837 Rebellion - Document 2 (click on "Issues")
The Canadian Encyclopedia - Document 3
Durham Report - Document 4
Durham Report and the Act of Union - Document 5
Canadian Library and Archives - Another helpful document
Canadian Government - How was it set up in 1837? 


Canadian Confederation
Canadian Confederation for Kids - start with this site.  Use this page to fill out your chart, except for Nova Scotia (see below).  
Canadian Confederation - This site goes into much greater depth than the previous one although it has basically the same information. 

 When you are filling out your chart make sure to use this page in order to understand why Nova Scotia joined Confederation in 1867.  Click here in order to understand why Newfoundland DID NOT join the Confederation in 1867.  

Who wasn't represented at the Conferences in Charlottetown and Quebec?  Click here to find out.

Quebec Resolutions - Summary of the Quebec Resolutions
British North America Act of 1867 - Summary of the BNA Act

Who were John MacDonaldGeorge Cartier and George Brown and what role did they play in Confederation?  

External Factors that caused Confederation included the U.S. Civil War.  See the section on St.Albans Raid in particular.  The Fenian Raids were also a major factor that pushed colonies towards Confederation.  The repeal of the British Corn Laws were a major factor. Finally, the end of the Reciprocity Treaty with the United States was a major economic factor that led to confederation. 

Some other sites that may be helpful
Canadian Encyclopedia's Article on Confederation - Short Article that has links to other information
Canada in the Making - Worth a look.

What is a GRAPHIC ORGANIZER?  Click on the link to learn about which one will work for you on this assignment.