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PDF Weekly WIL Directions   --  A handout explaining how to write a good Weekly WIL.

2.3 Orwell's 1984

  • Explain the relationship between Winston’s diary and the character of O’Brien.  What role did each play in Winston’s evolution and transformation?  Consider the chicken or the egg controversy in reference to the diary and O’Brien.  Did Winston’s purchase of the diary awaken O’Brien or did O’Brien “push” Winston into buying the diary (setting up the antique shop, allowing for the renting of the room upstairs, etc.)?
  • Give concrete examples of what Big Brother would use today in maintaining his grip on power.  What would he require as an example of obedience?  What limits on personal freedoms exist in our lives today?  What limits may be placed on our lives in the near future?
  • Was Big Brother real?  Was there really a war? Explore the concept of deception.  Who lied the most/least?  Who was lied to the most?  Who could/would you trust the most/least?
  • Which character had the most personal freedom, and which character had the least?