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3rd Quarter 2017 - 18

Daily Activities / Lessons Quarter 3

Thursday Mar 29 U5 D24 -  Students worked on finishing their Escher Drawing Mini Project.  THE PROJECT IS DUE TODAY!!!  Students who are absent today can submit their projects via email with a project selfie (only for excused absences by 9:00am Friday Mar 30).

Wednesday Mar 28 U5 D23 -  Students worked on finishing their Escher Drawing Mini Project.  View the videos, slides, and scoring examples on the Escher Drawing Mini Project Helper web page.  The project is due on Thursday by 3:15 pm.

Tuesday Mar 27 U5 D22 -  Students worked on finishing their Escher Drawing Mini Project.  View the videos, slides, and scoring examples on the Escher Drawing Mini Project Helper web page.  The project is due on Thursday by 3:15 pm.

Monday Mar 26 U5 D21 -  Classwork: Making an Escher tile using rotation.  Escher mini - project requirements and scoring rubric.  Slides from class.

Friday Mar 23 U5 D20 - Warm-up: Arithmetic and Geometric sequences.  Classwork: Making an Escher tile using a glide- reflection.  Slides from class.

Thursday Mar 22 U5 D19 - Warm-up: Intro to arithmetic sequences.  Classwork - tessellating a triangle, creating your own shape.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Mar 21  - **RACE TO JUSTICE DAY**  - there was no geometry class today.  

Tuesday Mar 20 U5 D18 - Warm-up: Lines of Symmetry  Classwork : Translations, Reflections, and Rotations.  Slides from class.

Monday Mar 19 U5 D17 - Warm-up: Algebra Review - Finding the roots of a quadratic equation.  Students worked on finishing HW#13.  Slides from class.

Friday Mar 16 U5 D16 - Warm-up: Algebra Review - The quadratic formula.  Lesson - Solving Area problems with quadratics.  HW#13 - Area Problems w Quadratic Formula - due Tuesday March 20.  Slides from class.

Thursday Mar 15  - TEST on Unit 5    Quiz 2A - Angles of Polygons  Quiz 2B - Area of Polygons. Students who missed this test should make arrangements to make it up after school with Mr. Sudo.

Wednesday Mar 14 U5 D15 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz.  Pi Day celebration.  HW#12 hints and questions. HW#12 Solutions - check your answers here.  Geometry Challenge Problem - Hexagon Dissection.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Mar 13 U5 D14 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz.  Homework #11 questions and answers.  Video:  Vi Hart - Doodling in Math Class (a look at Star Polygons). Classwork: Star Polygons.  Homework: HW#12 - Practice Test 2A, 2B - due Thursday March 15.  Slides from class

Monday Mar 12 U5 D13 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz.  Homework #11 - hints, questions, and answers.   Slides from class.

Friday Mar 9 U5 D12 - Warm-up: Finding the number of sides of a regular polygon given the angle measure, Pick's formula.  Classwork - Area Challenge Problems 2 - Poly the Snowman continued.  Homework : HW#11 ws Area Challenge Problems - due Tuesday Mar 13.  Slides from class.

Thursday Mar 8 U5 D11 - Warm- up: Pick's formula, Area of a Regular Polygon.    Lesson: Unit 5 Notes 4 - More notes on Polygons.  Classwork: Area Challenge Problems 2 - Poly the Snowman.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Mar 7 U5 D10 - Warm- up - Area of a regular polygon.  HW#10 questions and hints. Classwork and Notes on Pick's formula.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Mar 6 U5 D09 - Warm- up - Area of a regular hexagon, Factoring - difference of two squares.  Lesson - finishing Unit 5 Notes 3.  Homework : HW #10  p427 / 1 – 8, 12, 13  14*, 15* - due Thursday Mar 8.  Slides from class.

Monday Mar 5  - SNOW DAY - no school today

Friday Mar 2 U5 D08 - Warm- up: Finding the number of sides of a regular polygon given the measure of the interior angle.  Unit 5 Notes 3 - Area of Regular Polygons.  Homework:  BYD#3 Factoring Trinomials - due Friday March 9.  Slides from class.

Thursday Mar 1 U5 D07 - Warm- up: Factoring a trinomial, finding the area of a regular hexagon.  Finishing Unit 5 Notes 2 .  Classwork - Finding the area of pentagons using decomposition.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Feb 28 U5 D06 - Warm- up: Angles of Polygons.  Mr. Sudo was out sick today.  Students work on a set of classwork problems - Practice 5.1, 5.2. - due in class.

Tuesday Feb 27 U5 D05 - Warm- up: Angles of Polygons, factoring a trinomial.  Lesson:  Unit 5 Notes 2 - Exterior Angles of a polygon.  Homework:  HW#9  Practice, p262 1 - 11  - due Thursday Mar 1.   Slides from class.

Monday Feb 26 U5 D04 - Warm- up: Angles of Polygons.  HW#8 questions, hints.  Classwork: Angles of Quadrilateral, Pentagon, and Hexagon. Slides from class.

Friday Feb 23 U5 D03 - Warm- up: Factoring a Trinomial, rectangular number patterns.  Unit 5 Notes 1 - Polygon sums.  Homework:  HW#8 p257 / 1 - 15 - due Tuesday Feb 27.  Slides from class.

Thursday Feb 22 U5 D02 - Warm- up: Factoring, Triangular numbers, area problem solving.  Classwork: Polygons and Patterns.  Homework: BYD#2 (Q3) - FOIL boxes and Integer Diamonds - due Friday March 2.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Feb 21 U5 D01 - Warm- up: Factoring, the "High Five" or "Handshake" problem.  Lesson: Unit 5 Notes on Quadratic Patterns (Rectangular and Triangular Numbers)  Slides from class.

Tuesday Feb 20 U4 D14 - Warm - up:  Algebra Review: Factoring a trinomial, Area by decomposition.  Finishing Unit 4 Notes 7.  Homework: HW#7 Area Problem Solving - due Thursday Feb 22.  Slides from class.

Thursday Feb 15 U4 D13 - Warm - up:  Algebra Review: Integer Diamonds and FOIL boxes.  HW#6 questions, hints.  Unit 4 Notes 7 - Triangle Properties in Area Problems .  Slides from class.

Wednesday Feb 14 U4 D12 - Warm - up: Algebra Review: Integer Diamonds and FOIL boxes.  Unit 4 Notes 6 - Area Formulas continued.  Homework:  HW#6 p418 / 1 - 14, 16 - 18 - due Tuesday Feb 20.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Feb 13  - 3rd Quarter Test 1 : Quiz1A - Angles and Sides of Quadrilaterals  Quiz1B - Properties of Quadrilaterals.  Students who missed this test should make arrangements with Mr. Sudo to make it up before or after school.

Monday Feb 12 U4 D11 - Warm-up: Coordinate Geometry, Angles of a Kite.  HW#5 questions, hints and answers.  Review materials for Quiz 1A and 1B can be found online.  Unit 4 Notes 6 - Area Formulas.  Slides from class.

Friday Feb 9 U4 D10 - Warm-up: True/False/Counterexample problems, Intro to factoring a trinomial.  Homework:  HW#5 Practice Quiz 1A, 1B - due Tuesday Feb 13.  (HW#5 Solutions to Practice Quiz)   Slides from class.

Thursday Feb 8 U4 D09 - Warm-up: Algebra review - binomial multiplication, properties of quadrilaterals. Unit 4 Notes 5  (Unit 4 Notes 5 - completed).  Slides from class.

Wednesday Feb 7 U4 D08 - Warm-up: Algebra review - binomial multiplication, slope formula.  Unit 4 Notes 4 continued - two different types of perimeter problems  True / False / Counterexample probmes.  HW#4 p290 / 1 - 16, 20 25, 26 - due Friday Feb 9.  Slides from class

Tuesday Feb 6 U4 D07 - Warm-up: Algebra review - binomial multiplication, parallelograms and coordinate geometry.  HW#3 questions and hints. Unit 4 Notes 4 - Quadrilateral Flowchart   Slides from class

Monday Feb 5 U4 D06 - Warm-up: Proving the Opposite Angles of a Parallelogram Conjecture. BYD#1 - questions and hints.  Finishing Unit 4 - Notes 3 - Special Parallelograms.  Homework:  HW#3 p.281 / 1-6, 11, 13, 17, 19 - due Wednesday Feb 7.  Slides from class.

Friday Feb 2 U4 D05 - Warm-up: Properties of Trapezoids, ACT practice.  HW#2 - questions and hints.  Lesson:  Unit 4 Notes 3 - Properties of a Parallelogram.  Beyond Assignment : BYD#1 (Q3) - ACT practice Unit 1,2,3 - due Friday Feb 9.  Slides from class.

Thursday Feb 1 U4 D04 - Warm-up: Sketching Quadrilaterals, ACT practice.  Lesson: Finishing Unit 4 Notes 2 - Properties of Kites and Trapezoids. (Unit 4 Notes 2 completed)   Homework :  HW#2 p269 / 1 - 9, 17 + proofs - due Monday Feb 5.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Jan 31 U4 D03 - Warm-up: Angles of a Kite, ACT practice.  HW#1 questions and hints.  Finishing classwork from Tuesday: the angles of a trapezoid.  Unit 4 Notes 2 - Properties of Kites and Trapezoids.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Jan 30 U4 D02 - Warm-up: Explain why a quadrilateral is a trapezoid using alternate interior angles.  Finishing Unit 4 Notes 1.  Classwork: The diagonals of a kite create congruent triangles.  Homework:  HW#1 - Quadrilateral Problems - due Thursday Feb 1.  Slides from class.

Monday Jan 29 U4 D01 - Warm-up: Angle Relationships review and ACT practice.  Activity: Stand and Talk.  Lesson:  Unit 4 Notes 1 - Quadrilaterals - definitions.  Slides from class.

Daily Activities / Lessons from Quarter 2