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Daily Activities / Lessons Quarter 4

Wednesday April 24 U6 D11 -  Warm up: Circumference and Diameter. Lesson:  Pi connects Circumference to diameter and radius.  Homework: HW#4 p333/ 1- 15 due Friday April 27.   Slides from class.

Tuesday April 24  -  UNIT 6 (first half) TEST - Quiz 1A -  Chords, Arcs, and Tangents  Quiz 1B  - Inscribed Angles and Cyclic Quadrilaterals.  Students who missed this test should make arrangements with Mr. Sudo to make it up after school sometime in the next week or two.

Monday April 23 U6 D10 -  Warm up: Review for Quiz 1A and 1B.  Lesson:  Unit 6 Notes 6 - Circumference, Diameter, and Radius.  Slides from class.

Friday April 20 U6 D09 -  Warm up: Properties of Circles, Algebra Review - dividing powers.  Unit 5 Notes 5 - Circles, Angles, Arcs, Properties - a Study Guide for Quiz 1A and 1B.  Homework: BYD#2 - Simplifying Rational Expressions - due Friday April 27.  Slides from class.

Thursday April 19 U6 D08 -  Warm up: Properties of Circles - Using key vocabulary.  Classwork: Group Problems - Inscribed Angle Practice.  Slides from class.

Wednesday April 18 U6 D07 -  Warm up: Properties of Circles, Algebra Review - dividing powers.  Homework #3 - questions and hints.  Classwork: Review for Circles Quiz 1A and 1B.  Slides from class.

Tuesday April 17 U6 D06 -  Warm up: Chord Properties, Inscribed Angles.  Finishing Unit 6 Notes 4 - Inscribed Angles and Cyclic Quatrilaterals.  Homework : HW#3 p322 /1-16, 22, 25 - due Thurs April 19.  Slides from class.  

Monday April 16  -  ** NO SCHOOL - SNOW DAY**  Students should work on finishing BYD#1 - Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences which is due on Wednesday.  Students who are having difficulty should watch the Yaymath video on Arithmetic Sequences, or Geometric Sequences.  Did you miss some class last week?  Check out the Instruction Video page and watch the videos on Central Angles, Inscribed Angles, Arc Measure, and Cyclic Quadrilaterals.

Friday April 13 U6 D05 - Warm-up - Chord and Tangent properties.  Lesson:  Unit 6 Notes 4 - Inscribed Angles and Cyclic Quadrilaterals.  Slides from class.

Thursday April 12 U6 D04 - Warm-up - recognizing Arithmetic and Geometric sequences.  HW#2 questions and hints.  BYD#1 - Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences - due Wednesday April 18.  Slides from class.

Wednesday April 11 U6 D03 - Warm-up - recognizing Arithmetic and Geometric sequences.  Unit 6 Notes 3 - Tangent Properties - diagram an examples.  Homework:  HW#2 p314 / 1- 5, 16-19 - due Friday April 13.  Slides from class.

Tuesday April 10 U6 D02 - Warm-up - Arithmetic Sequences, Circle Properties.  Lesson - Unit 6 Notes 2 - Vocabulary and Notation.  Classwork - vocabulary.  Slides from class.

Monday April 9 U6 D01 - Welcome to the 4th quarter!  Warm-up: Arithmetic Sequences, Parts of a Circle.  Lesson:  Unit 6 Notes 1 - Chord Properties of a Circle.  Homework:  HW#1 p310 / 1 - 12, 16, 22 - due Wednesday April 11.  Slides from class.


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