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6 (1870-1920) Development of Industrial, Urban, and Global United States

Analyze the impact of westward movement on individuals, communities, and institutions.

Examine the growing influence of the United States on world affairs, including trade, Imperialism and the acquisition of new territories.

Analyze United States American Indian Policy, especially in the areas of sovereignty, land ownership, education, and its impact on indigenous nations.

Analyze how production, consumption, and distribution of goods changed the nature of work and created a consumer society.

Describe how industrialization led to changes in settlement patterns and changed the nature of work, including the estabishment of labor unions.

Analyze the changing demographics of the US population as a result of  immigration and migration.

Describe racial segregation, disenfranchisement, growth of racial violence and the debates about how to achieve freedom and equality.

Analyze political and social reform movements and their impact on individuals, communities, and institutions.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the politcal responses to the problems of industrialism, capitalism, urbanization and political corruption.