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8 (1945-1989) Post-World War II United States

Analyze the influence of technology and innovations on U.S. society and economy.

Compare and contrast market and command economic systems, their associated political ideologies, and explain how these differences contributed to the development of the Cold War.

Outline the military and non-military action taken by the United States during the Cold War to resist the spread of communism.

Analyze the social and political effects the Cold War had on the people of the United States.

Analyze the cause and effect of the domestic response to the Vietnam War.

Compare the goals and philosphies towards government of major politcal groups since the end of the Cold War.

Analyze the origins of the various Civil Rights movements (African American, Native American, Women, Latino American, and Counter Culture etc) and how they manifested themselves during this time.

Understand the changes in American Indian policy in sovereignty, land ownership, citizenship, education, and religious freedom and analyze its impact on indigenous nations.

Analyze the effectiveness of various groups in securing Civil Rights.