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8 Point Grading Scale

Grading:  Grades will be determined by the student’s ability to demonstrate understanding of prescribed standards and learning targets for each unit (i.e. Standards-Based Grading). The grading rubric is based on an 8-point scale. The percentages show how letter grades will be assigned for each score out of 8.  Students will be expected to make up learning targets if they receive below a 5.


8 out of 8 points


Exceeds learning target.


92%            A

Consistently meets or exceeds learning target(s)

7 out of 8 points

87.5%         A-



83.5%         B+



79%            B

Consistently meets learning target(s)

6 out of 8 points

75%            B-



71%            C+



66.5%         C

Generally meets learning target(s)

5 out of 8 points 

62.5%         C-



58.5%         D+


4.36 out of 8 points

54.5%         D

Occasionally meets learning target(s)

4.16 out of 8 points

52%            D-

 (any percentage lower than 52% will be receive an F)

4 out of 8 points


50%            F


Despite attempt, does not meet learning target(s)

0 to 3.99 out of 8 points

0 – 49%      F

Does not meet learning target(s) and did not attempt the problem / did not show evidence of learning that occurred in or outside of class.


*Grading modifications may be made for students with IEP or 504 plans. 


Grade Make-Up:                

(70%) Summative Assessments – Assessments will include tests, quizzes, projects, and District Interim Assessment. Students will have quizzes roughly every two or three weeks depending on the unit. At the end of every quarter, students will take the District Interim Assessment as designed by the Minneapolis Public Schools. Unlike unit tests and quizzes, students will NOT be allowed to retake District Interim Assessment tests. All assessments will be graded using the 8-point grading scale, with each separate learning target receiving a score of 0-8.


(25%) Formative Assessments: Practice and participation - This includes homework, class work, notebook checks, etc. Students will receive homework about two to three times a week. Students will receive feedback/grade on their homework 1-2 days after turning it in. Homework is meant to help students practice concepts and prepare for assessments.


(5%) Beyond Assignments - This includes special extension assignments that are highly recommended but not required to complete. (In other words, it is possible for a student to earn an “A” in class without completing these assignments).  They are designed to provide an extra challenge for students who like to be pushed further in their thinking and understanding of geometry. Students are expected to have all other assignments completed before attempting the beyond/extension assignments. If students need significant help on these assignments they will be asked to come in outside of class time for help.