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Health Services

Health Services at Washburn works closely with teaching staff to support student academic success. If a student has a health condition that may impair learning, health services staff work to support student health and wellness.

The Health Office:
Room 115A

School nurse:
Denise Schneider, RN LSNL

MPS has a 24 hour exclusion rule for vomiting, diarrhea or fever.  Students should not return to school until 24 hours from the last episode of vomiting, diarrhea or until the fever has returned to normal (for 24 hours) WITHOUT the use of medication.  

Click here for Minneapolis’ Attendance Policy.

To excuse a sick student, please call Washburn Attendance Office at 612-668-3429.  If leaving a voice mail, please spell your child's last name and indicate the nature of their illness.

Should I send my child to school today?

A student should not come to school (and will be sent home from school) if they have or have had:
  • a fever of 100 degrees F orally or 99 degrees F axillary (under the arm) or higher in the past 24 hours
  • vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • If your child becomes sick at school, he/she should come to the health office (room 115A). Together, we will communicate with family or other designated adults to create a plan to leave school. The health office MUST be involved in this process. It cannot be managed solely between student and family in order to be excused.

Dental Care is coming to Washburn High School:

Washburn High School is partnering with Children’s Dental Services (CDS) to provide dental care to our students during the school day, at Washburn! Parents or guardians can authorize dental care by completing the application.

Since 1919, Children’s Dental Services (CDS) is dedicated to improving the oral health of children from families with low incomes by providing accessible treatment and education in our diverse community. CDS is a non-profit, public health dental clinic that provides culturally targeted dental care to low-income children and pregnant women.  A hallmark of CDS is its work to eliminate cultural and lingual barriers to care through the provision of culturally targeted and translated services. CDS has a multilingual, multicultural staff, collectively speaking 15 different languages and hailing from 18 different countries.  CDS accepts all forms of public and private dental insurance and has a sliding fee scale for low-income families that are not eligible for dental insurance. CDS is headquartered in Northeast Minneapolis but has staff and clinics located across the state. 

To reduce transportation barriers CDS operates a network of portable care clinics across Minnesota.  This equipment is collapsed into suitcases and can be transported and used in virtually any setting.  Using this model, CDS continues to be a major provider of services to Schools and Head Start centers across Minnesota. Additionally CDS provides hospital care, including intravenous sedation, and endodontia to its patients.  CDS operates out of more than 200 clinical locations in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. CDS is now working to provide care within Washburn High School. CDS will be doing outreach in these communities to let them know of this new resource in their community. CDS is actively seeking consent for care from parents with students at this school. Interested families should contact CDS at 612-746-1530

Students learn to manage their health

Students come to the Washburn Health Office to manage chronic health concerns such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or acute concerns such as flu, headaches and upset stomachs. Injuries are also treated to minimize the impact on learning.

document Authorization for Dental exam and Treatment   --  Please complete the attached document and return to the health office at Washburn, room 115A.
document Autorizacion para Exameny Tratamiento Dental Realizado   --  Por favor, complete el documento adjunto y enviarlo a la oficina de salud en Washburn, oficina 115A.
PDF Overnight Field Trip health summary   --  In order for a student to participate in an overnight field trip with MPS staff, the family/guardian needs to complete this document and submit to the chaperone.
PDF Overnight Field Trip health summary, in Spanish   --  In order for a student to participate in an overnight field trip with MPS staff, the family/guardian needs to complete this document and submit to the chaperone.