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WRAP Special Education Staff

Jenifer Josephson, Room 013     612-668-3400, Ext. 42544
Room 014 Special Education Assistants

Melissa Anderson

Cis Crabbe

Christine Denomen

Courtney McAfee

Kevin Olson


Cathy Hardy-Lemon, Room 015     612-668-3400, Ext. 42546
Room 015 Special Education Assistants

Mary Johnson

Angela Hyde

Sherri Bode, Room 018     612-668-3400, Ext. 42548
Room 018 Assistants

Muna Salad

Brian Conover



Casey Piersma, Room 016     612-668-3400, Ext. 42547

Room 016 Assistants

Jeanne Wilkowski

Timothy Ray






Prerequisite for all classes is placement in the WRAP program

LITERACY                    07110


ENGLISH STRATEGIES 1         07511

ENGLISH STRATEGIES 2         07512


MATH STRATEGIES 1              07511

MATH STRATEGIES 2              07512


SOCIAL SUCCESS 1                07421

Students who have Developmental Cognitive Disabilities will take this course to learn basic social and communication skills such as turn taking, requesting, responding, and participating in a group.  Alternative and Augmentative communication devices such as symbols, simple voice output switches, and universal access devices will be integrated into the curriculum.


SOCIAL SUCCESS 2                07422

Students who have Developmental Cognitive Disabilities will take this course to learn social and communication skills, which build upon those taught in the Level 1.  Skills such as making introductions, having a conversation, using formal and informal language, solving problems, and using appropriate communication skills in the community and at worksites will be addressed.  The course will also address different relationships with people (e.g. family, friends, community members, strangers, etc..)  and how a person’s behavior, social distance, feelings and actions change depending upon who they are interacting with.


SOCIAL SUCCESS 3                07423

INDEPENDENT LIVING             07532


Students in this course will explore options for recreation and leisure activities.  Students will learn rules for a variety of board, card and computer games.  They will learn to play with a partner or partners and about good sportsmanship.  There will be some opportunity to explore recreational opportunities within the community such as bowling, library and shopping.

COMMUNITY EXPLORATION                07432

PEOPLE AND PLACES             07411

CAREER DEVELOPMENT                     07221

Students with Developmental Cognitive Disabilities will be offered vocational training a various sites including the Division of Indian Works, the YMCA, and recycling near Emerson School.  A variety of experiences are offered to help students decide their likes and dislikes for employment.  Work behaviors are emphasized.