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About Me

About me... information in the process of being declassified. That's me tat the bottom...and no, the camera did not break. And yes, I am half-Mexican. I am one of the few (perhaps only) Swedish-Welsh-Mexican hybrids around.  My mother actualy graduated from WHS many moons ago.  My father is from Guadalajara, Mexico.  They've been married for over 40 years!

Quick bits o' info:

Back Teaching & Coaching at Washburn from 2014+

I'm also the AVID Coordinator this year (2014+

Taught at Southwest from 2008-2014

Taught & Coached at Washburn from 1997-2008

Born and raised in Mpls

Graduated from Washburn in 1991

Graduated from Brown University in 1995 (BA in History)

Received my Teaching License through the University of Minnesota