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Unit 7: 

Key Concepts - Unit 7


Unit 6: 

 Key Concepts - Unit 6


Unit 5:

Progressive PP



Unit 4: 

Frederick Douglass Reading & Frederick Douglass Questions -Word Doc. (Frederick Douglass Questions   --  PDF)

Frederick Douglass Questions (Google Doc)

Road to the Civil War   --  PowerPoint

 Manifest Destiny Reading   --  Prep Book Reading




Unit 4 Key Concepts - Guiding Questions 

I.                     Describe Manifest Destiny. Provide several examples of Manifest Destiny (like the Mexican-American War) including the justification.

II.                   Describe how new groups were accepted into American culture.  Explain the nativist sentiment in American society.

III.                 Explain the reasons behind different groups regarding slavery including – freesoilers, abolitionists and slave-owning southerners.

IV.                List several political debates or events about slavery.  Explain the development of regional political parties especially the Republican party and the election of Abraham Lincoln.

V.                  Discuss the advantages that the North had during the war.  Explain how the war effected Northern and Southern society including the Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation. 

VI.                Describe Reconstruction’s effects on African Americans lives because of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments and what short-term successes they had plus the new reality of the New South (Jim Crow and Sharecropping).  




PowerPoint - Jefferson, Madison, Monroe - Classnotes from 10/24

Jefferson, Madison, Monroe - Notesheet (if you missed class, check in with a classmate)

Market Revolution Note Sheet - Classwork from 10/25; it will be collected (10/26)


Secondary Readings (Pick One) 

document Questions   --  Includes the Article Abstracts



Key Concepts Unit 3 (click File, click Make a Copy) 


Reform Movement Project - Directions - Due November 15, Please print out your flyer/handout/poster before class.