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American Sign Language  Level I ~  Washburn High School


Day I

Monday, 8/28/16

New Sign Vocabulary:

HOW ARE YOU?                                        TEACHER

HELLO                                                          STUDENT

SEE YOU LATER                                        PRACTICE

COPY-me                                                     COMMUNITY

SYLLABUS/Schedule                              PLEASE

BATHROOM                                               AWESOME


Reading of ASL I Syllabus


Day 2

Tuesday, 8/29/18

Finish review of Syllabus

     -Reminder for students to return page 6, Compliance Form by Friday,


     -Compliance Form must have parents signature, contact information

            and permission marked/signed.

     -Students must sign and date the Compliance Form to show they’ve

          read the syllabus and understand their responsibilities in ASL I


Visual-spatial language – this is what ASL is all about. Examples will

      given throughout the year. In brief: ASL is visual-based. There is

      nothing based on sound in this language. Thus ASL is NOT a form of

      English. ASL is spatial. Signs are kept to a specific area in front of the

      signer. The teacher will demonstrate this with each sign and phrase


EYE-Q – this is a demonstration of visual intelligence. These are games

     and activities to help hearing students learn to be visually-minded

     when they enter the ASL classroom and when they’re learning new

     words, phrases and grammar.

New Sign Vocabulary:

Review of signs learned the previous day.

Day 3

Wednesday, 8/30/18

Review ABCs

Exercise/Practice: Learn Classmates Names

Students will practice signing this dialogue. Students will take turns signing A or B. NO TALKING.



          Student A: NAME YOU “what”q

          Student B; NAME ME _______________. NAME YOU “what”q


Basic EYE-Q practice: Elephant Game

     *EYE-Q is also known as Visual-Spatial.


Day 4

Thursday, 8/31/17

Warm Up: EYE-Q Elephant Game

Review ABCs

Lesson 1.1: Getting to Know You

Students will pick up a worksheet and go around and ask their classmates for their names using the dialogue below. NO TALKING!



Student A: NAME YOU “what”q

Student B: NAME ME _____________.  NAME YOU “what"



New Sign Vocabulary:

YOU                                                   ELEPHANT

ME/I                                                  EYE-Q

NAME                                               “what”



Wh-word what

Day 5

Friday, 9/1/17


Review Dialogue 1.1

     What is your name?

     My name is __________.


Lesson 1.2: Cardinal Numbers 1-10

EYE-Q:     Cardinal Numbers 1-10

          ü 1-5 palm faces in

          ü 6-10 palm faces out

EYE-Q:    ABCs

Lesson 1.3: Fingerspelling – Fist Letters


Memorizing fist and up letters will help with figuring out where one pauses (visually) while fingerspelling names and places:


FIST Letters:  A, E, M, N, O, S, T


Up Letters:  B, C, D, F, I, K, L, R, U, V, W.


Practice: Fist letter combinations:

          sa          so          se            st

          an          en          in           on

          ta           ti            to           te

          ma         me         mi          mo  


Review New Sign Vocabulary