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IB Standard Level Mathematics Yr 2


IB SL Math Year 2


Prerequisites: Pre-Calculus/IB SL Year 1   OR   IB HL Year 1

Grades: 11-12


Course Description:  This course is for students who successfully completed Pre-calculus or IB HL Year 1. Students should enjoy the study of mathematics and have a strong background in math. The course will cover the basics of differential and integral calculus. In the third quarter, students will look at some advanced probability and statistics as well as review for the IB SL Mathematics exam. Students will explore a mathematics topic and write an Internal Assessment. All students enrolled in IB SL Year 2 will be expected to sit for the IB exam in May. 

Instructional Methods/ Assessments:  Instructional methods include lectures, group discussion, and individual internal assessment in the form of a paper. Assessments include tests, quizzes, homework, projects, quarter/semester finals exams, and the IB External Exam, which covers material from Pre-Calculus/SL Year 1 and SL Year 2. Students will also write a math exploration paper known as an Internal Assessment.   Recommended Background for Success:  This is recommended for students who successfully completed SL Year 1 or HL Year 1 (with a C or better). IB SL Year 2 is a challenging class where material from the first year of college calculus is covered. It is expected that students in this course have completed prerequisite courses with relative success. Students in this course should enjoy mathematics.