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1 Beginnings to 1600

Describe indigenous individuals, communities, and institutions that existed before European colonization and analyze patterns of development.

Compare and contrast indigenous cultures and describe cooperation and conflict among themselves and others.

PDF Columbus Letter   --  Read and simplify using your own words. Also answer the question at the beginning and end of the letter. You can work in groups.
PDF Map 1: Native American Cultures   --  Copy the map on page 11 of your textbook (also available on this site). Simply color it and label at least one culture within each region while including more if you recognize their name. Do NOT worry about the trade routs.
PDF Map 2: European Explorers   --  Copy the map on page 39 in your textbook. Then complete the back - try to complete as much as you can on your own, but you can work WITH others if you wish.
PDF Cartier   --  Annotate for Answers - Read the questions so you know what to look for while you read about Cartier. When you come across something that may answer a question, underline or highlight it and place the question # in the margin. Please read everything and not just skim for answers.
PDF Pizarro   --  Annotate for Answers

  05 Americans 01.5 Audio Summary (6:46)

  01 Americans 01.1 Audio Summary (6:14)

  02 Americans 01.2 Audio Summary (5:35)

  03 Americans 01.3 Audio Summary (6:02)

  04 Americans 01.4 Audio Summary (5:18)