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Susan Boen, ELL Teacher

I started working at Washburn in 2014 and have worked in the Minneapolis Public Schools since 2012. I love working at Washburn because it is such a positive environment for learning.

I received my Bacherlor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota  in International Relations. I went to Bologna, Italy to teach English and ended up staying and living there for seven years. After I came back to Minnesota, I worked in various companies and then decided go to Hamline for my teaching license and Masters degree in ELL. I love teaching all students and I've found that teaching is a very challenging and rewarding profession.

I will be co-teaching two sections of IB HIstory year 1 and three sections of Human Geography. I am working in these classes everyday and giving support for language in these content areas. I love the diversity in our classes so that everyone can appreciate all perspectives.

Please contact me with any questions or comments. The best way to contact me is

Visit our classroom webpage for IB History 1

Visit our classroom webpage for Human Geography