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Chapter 11 - Inference for Distributions of Categorical Data

Here are online resources, notes, classwork and homework assignments for Chapter 11.

M&M Color Distribution - One statistician's quest for the current color distribution of M&Ms.

Against All Odds Videos:
Inference for Two-Way Tables


Assigned Date

Homework Assignment

Due Date

Friday 3/23 No Homework  
Monday 3/26 No Homework
Read p.680-691
Tuesday 3/27 11.2 (p.693) #19-22
Read p.680-691
Wednesday 3/28
Wednesday 3/28 No Homework
Read p.697-706
Thursday 3/29 Chi-Square Tests worksheet
Read p.697-717
Tuesday 4/10
Monday 4/9 No Homework  
Tuesday 4/10 No Homework  
Wednesday 4/11 Review for tomorrow's Ch. 11 Test  
Thursday 4/12 CHAPTER 11 TEST