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Chapter 7 - Sampling Distributions

Here are online resources, notes, classwork and homework assignments for Chapter 7.

Against All Odds Videos:
Sampling Distributions

Reese's Pieces Applet showing the relationship between a binomial distribution and a sampling distribution of p-hat

Applet showing the Central Limit Theorem


Assigned Date

Homework Assignment

Due Date

Monday 1/9 No Homework  
Tuesday 1/10 7.1 (p.436) #1,3,5,9,13,15,19,21,22,23
Read p.424-435
Wednesday 1/11
Wednesday 1/11 Sample Proportions worksheet
Read p.440-445
Thursday 1/12
Thursday 1/12 No Homework
Read p.440-445
Friday 1/13 No Homework
Read p.451-455
Birthday Problem Extra Credit
Extra Credit due 1/26
Tuesday 1/17 No Homework
Read p.456-460
Wednesday 1/18 Review for tomorrow's Ch. 7 Test  
Thursday 1/19 CHAPTER 7 TEST