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Hi everyone.  I hope you are enjoying your day off.  WE NEED TO KEEP WORKING however, to make sure that you are learning everything you need to finish GEOMETRY this year - Mr. S

SNOW DAY Assignment  for Wednesday Feb 20: 

For today, Wednesday Feb , 2019, I would l like you to do three things:

1. Work on finishing HW#6 p418 - this is due on THURSDAY.  Watch this video : HW#6 HELPER VIDEOwhere I go over some of the answers to problems 1 - 9 on the front and try to explain some of the problems on the back side of the assignment.  If you have trouble viewing the video then you can view the problems on the HW#6 HELPER SLIDES.   WE WILL NOT SPEND A LOT OF TIME GOING OVER THIS ASSIGNMENT IN CLASS.  If you have questions about how to some of the problems, the video and the slides should provide some help.

2.  Work on finishing AR#2 - Mulitplication (FOIL) boxes - this is also due on THURSDAY.

3. If you missed some class this week, check out the Daily Activities and Assignments to see what you missed.  If you missed the lesson or had a difficult time understanding, watch the videos on the Instructional Videos Page


The first 3 students from each class period to email Mr. Sudo via school email with the phrase "I love geometry!" in the subject line will win a FREE HOMEWORK PASS good for any assignment in the 3rd quarter. This pass will let you skip one assignment of your choosing and still receive credit.  The free homework passes are only good this quarter and cannot be tranferred to another student. ( Update:  All prizes have been awarded - thanks for checking in and I will see you in class tomorrow!)