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This college-level course is designed for students eeking the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The content of this course prepares candidates to meet the demands of the IB Paper I and Paper II Exams given in May. The objectives include gaining and strengthening of multiple skills, including reading comprehension, historiography, document analysis, as well as contextual interpretations.

Course Content Focus Areas include:

  1. Causes, practices and effects of wars
  2. Peacemaking, Peackeeping - International Relations (1918-1936)
  3. Origins and development of authoritarian and single party states
  4. The Cold War

Q1:  Napoleon Changes Everything

  1. Metternich
  2. European Imperialism
  3. WWI

Q2:  Power Shifts

  1. Russian Revolution
  2. Rise of Single-Party States

Q3:  Evolution of War

  1. Mussolini, Hitler, & Tojo and World War II
  2. China Under Mao

Q4:  The Cold War

  1. Korea & Vietnam
  2. USSR (Cuba, Space Race, & Detente)