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Crew612-Pop Choir
New As Of 2015-16 !!!
Choreographer-Rush Benson

Course Description/Overview: Placement in this vocal ensemble requires an audition. Crew612 meets daily for rehearsals. Performances are presented quarterly throughout the year, which include concerts, contests, cabarets, and other community functions. Students will study a variety of contemporary musical styles including jazz, pop, gospel, and show choir literature. A vocal arranging and piano chord chart-reading unit are essential components of course. Sight-reading, small ensemble experiences, and vocal pedagogy are embedded throughout the year. Spring NYC trip is an opportunity available to all 11th and 12th grader singers.

Required Materials: Uniform Fee (Cost is TBA)


1st Quarter Graded Performance

FALL CHOIR CONCERT   THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27                        7:30 P.M.        AUDITORIUM

2nd Quarter Graded Performance

WINTER CONCERT           TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12                        7:30 P.M.        AUDITORIUM

3rd Quarter Graded Performance

SOULFEST                             THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2          5:00 P.M.        AUDITORIUM

A NIGHT WITH CREW612 MONDAY, MARCH 13                   7:30 P.M.        AUDITORIUM

4th Quarter Graded Performance

POP CONCERT                   TUESDAY, MAY 23                         7:30 P.M.        AUDITORIUM

11th & 12th grade singers SPRING TRIP to New York City     APRIL 19-23



Quarterly Summative Assessments: Total percentage of grade: 75%

-Performance (time and dates on the back side of this form) (30%)

- One reflection for each performance  (5%)

-Part Testing (Recorded during rehearsal) (25%)

-Music Theory Written Assessment  (15%)

Quarterly Formative Assessment: Total percentage of grade: 25%

-Weekly Rehearsal Activities (25%) Engage in Singing, Listen, Sit in Assigned Seat/Section with Music

Grading: The primary purpose of grading is to communicate the academic achievement status of students to students, their families, employers, and post-secondary institutions.  A grade should accurately reflect what students know and are able to do in a course.


Grade Definitions

A A-

93.00 - 100%

90.00 – 92.99%

Exemplary work



87.00 – 89.99%

Proficient/Thorough work


83.00 - 86.99%



80.00 – 82.99%



77.00 – 79.99%

Acceptable work


73.00 – 76.99%



70.00 – 72.99%



67.00 – 69.99%

Mediocre work


63.00 - 66.99%



60.00 – 62.99%



0 – 59.99%

Unacceptable work


Grading modifications may be made for students with IEP or 504 plans.