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Andry DeJong, English Teacher

"It's a magical world, Hobbes ol' buddy. Let's go exploring!" Bill Waterson


My name is Andry DeJong, and I have taught English at Washburn since January 2016. It was an incredible second semester, and I'm excited to begin my first full year at Washburn! 

A bit about me: 

I did my bachelor's degree at Carleton College with a major in English Literature and a concentration in Education and French. 

Though my family is originally American, I was born and raised in India. In fact, my family has lived there since before it was even a country! 

I teach English because literature can expand our worldview and bring us experiences we'd never receive otherwise. It teaches us about social justice, the power of the human spirit, and it teaches us to love this oftentimes broken but beautiful world. One of my goals as a teacher is to help students immerse themselves in narratives beyond what they've experienced, and to see that no matter how different we all are, we can bridge these differences with understanding and with empathy.

Questions? You can contact me at

Link: Grade 10 Night Exam: 




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