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Español II

Please familiarize yourself with our syllabus. It includes important policies regarding grading, late work and plagirisim.


document Syllabus   --  Spanish II Syllabus 2016-17
Duolingo Instructions

To allow Ms. Sunde to follow you (and give you credit for assignments in) Duolingo:

1. Navigate to the link for your class

Hora 1:

Hora 2:

Hora 3:

2.Login or create a new account

   a. If this is a new accoount complete the placement test

3. Check that your profile name is your real name under your profile (settings menu)

4. Double check that you’re in my online class:

 Settings – Progress Sharing – My classrooms

6. Classroom code: 1st hour: cgqsfu, 2nd hour: pbyffy, 3rd hour: zffcke


*To find an assignment you must be logged in to the website. Assignments are not visible in the app.



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