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This page will extend the boundaries beyond the walls of the classroom, and help make it FUN!!! 21st Century Learning!!!

*Learning strategies such as differentiation are incorporated into class and allow for student choice, learning process challenges, and ultimately improves the learning of all students.

*Students incorporate IB principles through Current Event Reflections; creating real-world connections from health or fitness articles.

*Students engage in energizers and small group activities, resulting in a sense of community amongst peers.

*Assessing using multiple formats allows for students with different learning styles the opportunity to be successful.

*Teaching to the multiple intelligences connects students with their learning strengths, and fosters growth in their areas of weakness.


*Assigning 'big rock' assignments early in the semester to allow students to work ahead according to their busy and hectic schedules helps lower stress.

Have a great day!

**This web page was highly praised by the Head of Technology in three different Minnesota school districts after I conducted a seminar at St. Mary's University titled, "The Use of Technology in the Classroom", in May 2006.

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