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Geometry Unit Challenge Problems

Welcome to the Washburn High School Geometry Challenge Page.    

  • Test your knowledge of geometry by taking on problems that are challenging and fun.
  • Submit your solution
    to your geometry instructor Ms. Hebl, Ms. Jones, Mr. Sudo, or Ms. Temi by the posted deadline.
  • Solutions will be judged based on presentation, clarity, quality, and how you use mathematical concepts to convincingly justify your solution.
  • Challenge winners will win fame, glory, and a small prize.


Quarter 3 Challenge - Hexagon Dissection - ended March 26

Winner is NOAH SIDDIQUI Ms. Jone's period 2 geometry class.  Congratulations Noah!  (Noah's winning entry)

Runner - up was Thea Pederson from Mr. Sudo's period 4 geometry class.  (Theas's solutions)

Quarter 2 Challenge - Pythagorean Pathways - Due Dec 11

(there was no winner for this challenge - honorable mention Jonas Haugland)

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