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Go-To Cards
Go To Card

Go To Card Information

Students can get MTC Go-To cards from their student dean. The discounted cost is $75 per quarter for students who do not qualify under district guidelines.

Student Deans:

Lisa Jensen, Room 210,              668-3504
Giovan Jenkins, Room 220,    668-3492

To receive a free Go To Card: Families who live within the Washburn attendance area, and are more than 2 miles from the school, should qualify for a Go To Card at no charge. To see the attendance area maps, click here:

Additionally, if the student lives within 2 miles of Washburn and qualifies for free or reduced lunch, they will also receive a Go To Card at no charge. To apply for Free or Reduced lunch, complete the online application or pick up a form in the main office.

To Purchase a Go To Card:
Qualifying families may purchase Go To Cards at Washburn High School. Cards may be purchased if the student lives within 2 miles of the school and does not qualify for free or reduced lunch. The purchase price is $75.00. Please call or email if you have any questions. All payments must be made in cash. We are unable to process any other kind of payment at this time. No exceptions.

If you live outside the Washburn attendance area, at this time there is no transportation support. Families and students are responsible for their own transportation.

If a Go To Card is lost or stolen:
Please report lost and stolen cards to Check and Connect as soon as possible. All students are given a "Code of Conduct" agreement when they receive their cards. We record the serial number of every card on the Code of Conduct, at the bottom. Numbers typically begin with 0160. If a card is lost or stolen on the bus, please contact Metro Transit Lost and Found at 612-373-3333. Their customer service team is sometimes able to recover lost cards. You can also track the frequency of card use on the Metro Transit website by typing in the provided serial number here:

To Replace a Go To Card:
Any student issued a  Go To Card from Washburn can get a replacement in the event the card is lost, stolen, or defective. If the card is defective, it should be returned to Check and Connect and a replacement will be issued. There is no charge if the card is defective. If the student damages the card, loses the card, or the card is stolen, there is a $15.00 replacement fee. This fee must be paid to receive a replacement. Please contact Check and Connect immediately in the event of a lost, stolen, defective, or damaged card.

All fees and purchases of Go To Cards must be paid in cash. We are unable to process any other kind of payment at this time. No exceptions.
Should you ever have questions or concerns about Go To Cards, please contact Check and Connect. We are here to support you!


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