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Washburn GRIST - Student Newspaper
Washburn Grist Staff photo
Front Row: Emma Reil, Annika Shiffer-Delegard, Sophia Vischer, Natalie Lileks, Amasa Evensen, Vivian Hagedorn Back Row: Matthew Rynkiewicz, Michael Thomas, Wyatt Sklaney, Henry Braun, Ryan Muschler Not Pictured: Samantha Lowe, Gillian Pete, Annabella Peters, Piper Theisen, Ean Laird, Ted Stassen (advisor) and James Schmit (advisor)

Advisor: Ms. DeJong.


Meeting Time: Mondays, 3:00-3:30.

Location: Room 307.

As the Grist school newspaper, we try to accurately represent Washburn student voices and perspectives through articles, comics and photographs. 

Here are the four editions published by the 2017-18 Grist staff: