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Welcome to Class! Use the links on the right to find your material. Below are the final deadlines for each quarter:

Last day to turn in work-

Qtr 1:  Via Paper: Friday October 28th, end of your hour
Via Friday October 28th, Midnight

Qtr 2: Via Paper: Friday January 20th, end of your hour
Via Friday January 20th, Midnight

Qtr 3: Via Paper: Friday March, 24th, end of your hour
Via Friday March 24th, Midnight

**Because Seniors graduate before the end of the school year, there are different deadlines for seniors and underclassmen for Quarter 4

SENIORS-Qtr 4: Via Paper: Friday May 19th, end of your hour
Via Friday May 19th, Midnight

9th-11th-Qtr 4: Via Paper: Friday June 9th, end of your hour
Via Friday June 9th, Midnight

Tues. 6/6/17

Formative Assessment: Click the link below and then look under tools and quizzes. Click on children and teen health. Complete three of the quizzes that follow and reflect on each one:

Wed. 6/7/17
Click on two sections for each of the following to watch and summarize:

Hallmarks of Cancer
Causes and Prevention
Diagnosis and Treatment
Pathways to Cancer

You can click Video Preferences if you with to have a video and narrative during these segments.

After writing your 8 summaries, turn in for formative assessment points.