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*Your Internal Assessment topic must be course specific, and must be researched and completed within the assigned course. Previous IA submissions from other IB courses will not be used for a class grade due to academic honesty policies.

Internal Assessment

The IA for SEHS includes 40 hours of hands-on work in the laboratory or in the field.  Practical work is a chance for you to gain and develop new skills and techniques beyond your theory/classroom lessons.  The time includes 10 hours for the group 4 project (g4p), an interdisciplinary activity that all Diploma Program (DP) science students must take part in.

Your performance is internally assessed by your teacher and externally moderated by the IB.

5 Criteria (with 3 aspects for each criterion):

·       Design (D)

o   Defining the problem and selecting variables

o   Controlling variables

o   Developing a method for collection of data

·       Data Collection and Processing (DCP)

o   Recording raw data

o   Processing raw data

o   Presenting processed data

·       Conclusion and Evaluation

o   Concluding

o   Evaluating procedure(s) and aspect

o   Improving the investigation

·       Personal skills (only scored for g4p)

·       Manipulative skills (assessed throughout the class)

You will need to maintain a portfolio of your assessed written work for possible external moderation.               


Topic Ideas:

The topics of metabolism, catabolism, homeostasis, respiration, perspiration, on up to basic physiology and comparative anatomy can all be made sports related. Student’s interest in science could be piqued if there was a science connection to their interests. Sports physiology and physics are serious fields of study today as well.

See also under the Documents section: Possible IA Topics that students from around the world have done in the past