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IB Film Analysis

Write an academic review (2-3 pages) trying to connect the film to the course and our lives.
What academic value does it have in our course of study?
Incorporate IB Analysis, using OPVL.
Who wrote/created it and when?
From where?
Why was the film made?
What is the intent?
Who do you think is the intended audience?
Based upon who made the film and why, what value does ithave to an historian?
What can you tell about the author/director and the time period?
Under what circumstances was the film created?
What can we tell about the circumstances from the film?
What can you tell about any controversies that may exist from the film?
Does the author/director represent a particular “side” of the controversy?
What can you tell about the author’s/director's perspective from the film?
How does the film accurately reflect what was going on in history at the time?
At what point does this film cease to be of value to historians?
What part of the story can you NOT tell from the film?
How can you verify the content of the film (How genuin. or real, is it)?
Does the film inaccurately reflect anything about the time period?
Does the author/director leave anything out and if so, why do you think they did so?
Also consider:
What is the film about?
How would you describe it to someone unfamiliar with it?
What is the message of the film?
Why would I assign this for class?