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Mass Media class information

Here is a link to the Google doc that has a summary of what we are doing in class, and where we are going. Until the class actually happens, the plans are fluid. I will be updating this document regularly.

Mass Media class info -- This is your main source for information about the class.


Grading in this class

Key Concepts About Mass Media and Media Literacy -- This is an important handout!!

Project 1 -- Project 1 is now done. If you don't get a passing evaluation, you must redo it; completing the project is a requirement for passing the class! I should get to them Monday, 9/25.

Project 1 rubric

Project 1 sample

Your main source of information for this class should be the "Mass Media class info" link above. However, I am playing around using a calendar format as well, so we will see how that goes. Access the calendar below through your school Google Drive account. You have to actually be logged into your school Google account to see it. The easiest way to do that is to go to the Washburn main page/Students/Google Drive for Students, and log in. You can click on any day in the calendar to get the details and documents for that day. The documents will open in Google docs and you can save them to your Drive. Click on the day and then click on "more details" do download a document.