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Mass Media class information

Mass Media / Semester 2 / 2017-18

Below is a link to a Google doc that has a summary of what we are doing in class, and where we are going. Until the class actually happens, the plans are fluid. I will be updating this document regularly.

I have just updtaed the calendar to reflect what we have done during the first few days of class. Check it out!

Mass Media class info -- This is your main source for information about the class.


Mass Media online text book

Key Concepts About Mass Media and Media Literacy -- This is an important handout!!


The last Assignment for the year:

Assignment Description

Rubric for the final video. Not very harsh. Just really want to give you the experience of telling a story visually and basic practice filming and editing.

A really good Youtube video on how to format a screenplay!

    There are a lot of good web sites and videos on how to do this -- including one in the assignment description.

Jensen basics for screenwriting


When you shoot your video, upload/save your clips in your Google Drive. When get into the lab, you can upload the clips from Drive to iMovie.

We will be editing in iMOvie. I will put up some basic instructions on how to use iMovie here in a bit.




Quarter 4 Assignment links:

Twilight Zone videos to annotate



Essay assignment