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Mass Media class information

Mass Media / Semester 2 / 2017-18

Below is a link to a Google doc that has a summary of what we are doing in class, and where we are going. Until the class actually happens, the plans are fluid. I will be updating this document regularly.

I have just updtaed the calendar to reflect what we have done during the first few days of class. Check it out!

Mass Media class info -- This is your main source for information about the class.


Mass Media online text book

Key Concepts About Mass Media and Media Literacy -- This is an important handout!!

Photos for Best Photo Composition bracket


PROJECT ONE! -- DUE 2/23/18

In class, we have been talking about the rules of composition within a frame as it applies to photography. For this project, you have to write two short essays about the composition your own photographs.

This is a summative project and is worth 25% of your overall quarter grade. You must pass this project to pass the class.

Project Assignment Sheet

Project Scoring Rubric

Two supplementary handouts for Project 1: