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We will have Mastery Quizzes, about 2 or 3 a quarter.

All of the worksheets below come with answers.  Remember that scientists think that doing FIVE problems at a time then checking your answers is the best way to learn.

All of the videos below come with pause buttons.  Remember that pausing to think or write is what makes the learning happen!

List of Mastery Quizzes

1: I can find slope and y-intercept from all five representations of a function.








2: I can solve linear equations.

3: I can find mean, median, and mode.


5: I can simplify exponential expressions.

Video      Another Video

6: I can use function notation.

Mrs Rapson solving the front side.     Mrs Rapson solving the back side

7: I can identify the 5 parent functions.

Mrs Rapson solving the practice quiz.

8: I can multiply polynomials.

Mrs Rapson solving the practice quiz.

9: I can factor quadratics.

Mrs Rapson solving the practice quiz.