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Math Concepts

Math Concepts is a yearlong course that focuses on recognizing, describing, and generalizing patterns.  The goal is to prepare you for future math courses.


I am committed to holding each of my students to the highest expectations and providing the necessary support so that they can be successful in meeting all of the learning targets.

I will let you know how you are doing

I will explain things more than one way

I want to help you during your lunch time

I will give you homework for practice every day.

I will encourage you in a growth mindset which leads to a desire to learn and a tendency to embrace challenges and persist in the face of setbacks


Parents, you can help your student be successful in math class by:


You can ask: “explain your math today”.  If they cannot explain it to you, they might not understand it and should seek help.

You can ask: “who else is in your math class?  Would you like to get together to do homework?”

You can say: “Being smart at math is about working hard and thinking about mistakes, not about being fast!”