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Elena QuiƱonesHanson, Resource Teacher

My name is Elena QuiñonesHanson, I am new to Washburn this year. I have been working for Minneapolis for the last 26 years, mainly in Middle school. This year I will be co-teaching for three periods in the Advanced Algebra 11th grade class with Mr. LeTexier. I will also teach two Math Strategies classes for 11th and 12th grade students. 

I am looking forward to meeting and working with all my students. If you need to contact me you can email me at  


document Syllabus for Math Strategies Class   --  The math strategies class is for students on an IEP that need extra help with math and are not able to keep up with mainstream Algebra.
PDF Lesson 1   --  Here you'll find lessons that needed to be completed before Friday September 23. If you did not complete them you will see it reflected on your mid-quarter grade. You can still finish it before this quarter ends to get partial credit and improve your grade.
PDF Lesson 5   --  The following lessons need to be finished by the end of the quarter 11/2/2016 in order to get credit for your work. I'll upload the lessons as we go through them.
PDF Lesson 7   --  Classwork/homework
PDF Lesson 8   --  classwork/homework
PDF Lesson 9   --  classwork/homework
PDF Lesson 10   --  classwork/homework
Math Practice

If your student attends one of my pull-out classes (third or sixth period) they have been assigned an account at  Khan Academy may be accessed from any computer. Khan Academy is a website where students can learn and practice different subjects. In our case my students have been assigned a few math related exercises. Your student has a passcode and a password in order to enter to their account. 

If they do not remember it and you want to have access to it, please email me to giving me the name of your student and I will email the information back to you.


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