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MCTC C-Now Introductory Statistics

MCTC C-Now Introductory Statistics (046070)

Prerequisite: MCTC C-Now Applied Intermediate Algebra Grades: 12th ONLY Course Duration: Semester


Course Description:  Students receive college credit through MCTC for semester course. This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics, with an emphasis on applications. Course content includes: sample surveys and experiment designs; graphic presentation of data; measures of central tendency, variation and position; exploratory data analysis; introductory probability; random variables and probability distributions; binomial and normal distributions; the Central Limit Theorem; estimation; hypothesis testing; comparisons of two populations; correlation and  regression; applications of chi-square; and analysis of variance (ANOVA). The course assumes that the student is familiar with basic computer applications software. Statistical software and/or statistical graphing calculators are introduced and used extensively.


Instructional Methods/Assessments:  Instructional methods include lectures, discussions, cooperative learning and individual investigation.  Assessments include daily work, homework, tests, quizzes and final exam.


Recommended Background for Success:  This course is open to all students who have taken Advanced Algebra and who are motivated learners. Students must have taken CIS MCTC Applied Intermediate Algebra in the first semester.