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Personal Health Assessment

Unit 1: Personal Health Assessment: USE GOOGLE CHROME

Learning Targets:

1.1 I can identify ways in my life that physical, mental/emotional, and social health are all interrelated 1.12.3

1.2 I can evaluate the impact of personal health behaviors (including self-esteem and self-concept) on overall health. 1.12.1

Formative Assessment: 20 pts.   DUE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, MIDNIGHT.

Go to this link and complete the Personal Health Assessment:

Once completed, save the URL of your results to a Google Doc. After completing the Personal Health Assessment, you will type a one page reflection on that Google Doc, titled, Personal Health Assessment. For your reflection, look at your current health and wellness status. Determine where you weaker areas of concern are, and write a page regarding how you are going to try to move toward a more healthy lifestyle. Submit to under Personal Health Assessment.