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PreCalculus (also called) IB Standard Level 1

Prerequisite: Advanced Algebra Grades: 10-12


Course Description:  This is for students who have a strong interest in advanced mathematics. In this course, students study pre-calculus, statistics, probability, vectors, matrices, as well as series sequences. This course is a prerequisite to IB SL Mathematics Year 2 or IB HL Mathematics Year 1. This class promotes a deeper understanding of topics from the past and presents new topics that are foundational for success in IB math classes. All students are expected to spend significant time outside of class reading text, doing homework problems, and preparing themselves to participate in class. 


Instructions Methods/Assessments:  Instructional methods include lectures, group discussion, and individual investigation. Assessments include tests, quizzes, homework, projects, and semester final. 


Recommended Background for Success:  This is recommended for students who were strong in Advanced Algebra (a B or better). It is expected that students have a graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus). Students should be able to simplify rational expressions, solve rational expressions, and solve systems of linear and nonlinear equations; represent real world problem situations using variables and/or geometric models and solve polynomial equations. Students should have had exposure to logarithms and algebraic functions.