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Program Expectations

Program Expectations

Program Expectations for Washburn Track and Field

The Washburn track program has a rich tradition of producing athletes that compete hard, train hard and do whatever it takes to find success on the track.
Expectations to perform your best are very high, we are not worried about our Competitors – we concentrate our efforts to produce success for Washburn Millers.  In order to maintain high quality performances, we expect the following from the athletes
In our program:

1. Take care of your body in terms of sleep, eating, work habits, and striving for Excellence in academics.

2. Be on time to class – communicate with teachers and meet with them on a Regular basis.

3. No participation in other sports unless you have cleared this with Coach Moore

4. Communicate to coaches about missing practices, schedule.

5. You are representing you, your family, Washburn Millers, and the Washburn Millers track program – do the right thing, be a good citizen.

6. The Miller athletes’ core value that we will stress is Attitude:


Courage Is positive, persistent, and confident. He or She respects all his opponents, but

Fears none of them. He or she is also humble. They realize that a truly confident

Athlete does not need to talk about their performance. They allow their

Performance to speak for itself.



Realizes that the more we think only about winning, the less we will win.

Our work Ethic, our behavior, and our positive support for each other.



Is proud to be part of the tradition of the Miller athletic

Program. He or She takes care of his equipment and his facilities.


Locker Rooms:

1. Lock up valuables 

2. No track equipment is to be stored in the locker room 

3. Locker rooms should be neat and clean when the last person leaves the locker room (Captains will be responsible)


Track Practice, Competition and PROCEDURES

1. Athletes should attend all practices and meets during the season not everyone will run in all the meets, if entered, you are expected to compete.

2. For all meets, take care of problems the day before. Get dressed and report to the departure area in plenty of time. Be on the bus before it is scheduled to leave. We will not wait for late comers. Never miss a scheduled competition.

3. When traveling on the bus, we want to maintain a proper attitude for competition. We do not allow horseplay or moving around on the bus. No vulgar or abusive language will be tolerated.

4. Everyone must go to and from the meet on the bus. Any exception must be cleared by a coach.

5. When you get to a meet, check the time schedule. Make sure you know all the events you are scheduled to compete in. Do not miss an event. Remember, track events are run on time. If you are in a field event and your running event is called, report to the judge and tell him/her that you must run on the track. Report directly to the clerk of the course and make sure they are aware you are on the event list. As soon as you are able, report back to your field event. 

6. Listen to the public address system for announcements.

7. Medical issues should be addressed immediately.

8. Athletes are required to wear proper workout and meet attire. Proper shoes in

Good condition should be worn in practice as well as meets.

9. Make no excuses – we are here to become better athletes and to compete;

10. Miller track athletes need to focus on 6 areas – warming up, working out, cooling down, stretching, competing, and cheering for your teammates;

11. If a practice must be missed, the athlete is required to contact their Coach either by E-Mail, or by phone. DO NOT SEND THE MESSAGE WITH ANOTHER ATHLETE.

12. Only wear spikes when competing. Never leave them unattended. Put your name on all personal equipment.

13. Notify your parents as to the approximate time you will be finished so they can pick you up at school.

14. If you are ill and cannot compete, be sure to contact the coaches.



1.     For all track meets, all members will wear only Washburn High School issued equipment.

2.     During any competition, athlete’s shirts will be tucked into their shorts and will remain tucked in during the event.

3.     No tape to can be used to alter the size, shape or style of any uniform top or bottom. If the uniform doesn't fit properly, see a coach to get properly fitting uniform.

4.     Warm ups are to be worn properly. There will be absolutely no sagging of the warm up bottoms.

5.     We are not a traveling circus and we will not appear to be a bunch of clowns trying to make a personal clothing statement. If you so desire to make such a statement, then you will have to do so somewhere other than track meets. We will always represent Washburn High School wearing the appropriate uniform.

6.     You are responsible for your warm ups and your uniform. Wearing of these will be limited to track days only. Do not, under any circumstances, loan your uniform to anyone not affiliated with the track team. 

Criteria for Earning a Letter

1. Complete the entire season in good standing 

2. Participate and compete in every meet that you are eligible.

3. Have no unexcused absences and no more than 3 excused absences during a season.

4. Attend every practice and complete the required workout to the best of your ability, (unless you have a medical reason or emergency).

5. Track must be a priority; if you wish to participate you must make yourself available 2 to 3 hours a day for practice and 4 to 5 hours for a meet. The track program cannot function with athletes missing practices and meets for any reason.

6. Turn in all equipment on time.

7. All lettering is subject to approval by the coaches.

In closing, I want to say that all athletes will be responsible for their own equipment. Please keep in mind that school comes first. If a student is experiencing difficulty in any of their classes, they will remain at school during a meet.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Govrik- Hurdles

John Jackson-Girls sprints

CG Johnson- Distance

Mike Anderson-Distance 

Chris Lundstrom-Distance 

Thaddeus Lesiak- Throws

Lon Ortner-Throws

Ed Stuart- Jumps

Robert Tesch-Stevson- Jumps 


Kenan Moore

Head Track Coach 





























I, therefore, give my son/daughter ______________________ permission to become a member of the Washburn High School Track and Field program.







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