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Elena QuiƱonesHanson, Resource Teacher

My name is Elena QuiñonesHanson, I am new to Washburn this year. I have been working for Minneapolis for the last 26 years, mainly in Middle school. This year I will be co-teaching for three periods in the Advanced Algebra 11th grade class with Mr. LeTexier. I will also teach two Math Strategies classes for 11th and 12th grade students. 

I am looking forward to meeting and working with all my students. If you need to contact me you can email me at  


document Syllabus for Math Strategies Class   --  The math strategies class is for students on an IEP that need extra help with math and are not able to keep up with mainstream Algebra.
PDF Lesson 1   --  Here you'll find lessons that needed to be completed before Friday September 23. If you did not complete them you will see it reflected on your mid-quarter grade. You can still finish it before this quarter ends to get partial credit and improve your grade.
PDF Lesson 5   --  The following lessons need to be finished by the end of the quarter 11/2/2016 in order to get credit for your work. I'll upload the lessons as we go through them.
PDF Lesson 7   --  Classwork/homework
PDF Lesson 8   --  classwork/homework
PDF Lesson 9   --  classwork/homework
PDF Lesson 10   --  classwork/homework
Math Practice

Work Due/Test Information

Lessons 1 to 10 due 10/24/2016.

Quarter Test 10/25/2016

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