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Resources for Quiz Retakes - Quarter 2

Resources for Quiz 1 retakes


Quiz 1A - Congruence Shortcuts SSS  SAS  ASA and SAA

                 Notes 3 - Congruence Shortcuts for Triangles

                 Notes 4 - Congruence Shortcuts - Ways to find congruent parts of triangles 

                 HW#13 (Q1) - p222 / 1 - 14, 20

                 HW#14 (Q1) - p227 / 1 - 16

                 Determine Congruent Triangles (Khan Academy Online Practice Problems)

                 Determining Congruent Triangles (Khan Academy Video Lesson)

                 Youtube Video: Yay Math - SSS and SAS

                 Youtube Video : Yay Math ASA and SAA - or AAS


Quiz 1B - Triangle Proofs using CPCTC

                 Notes 6 - How to do a Two-Column Proof

                 Notes 7 - CPCTC and Flowchart Proofs

                 HW#15 (Q1) - Proving Triangles Congruent

                 HW#1 - Proofs Using CPCTC

                 Youtube Video: Yay Math video 1 - CPCTC  

                 Youtube Video: Yay Math video 2 - CPCTC


Quiz 1C - Simplifying Square Roots

                 Familiar Factors  (list of factors to help you simplify square roots)              

                 Notes 9 - Simplifying Square Roots, Multiplying Numbers in Square Root Form

                 BYD#1 - Simplifying Square Roots

                 Youtube Video: Simplifying Square Roots (Yay Math)

                 Youtube Video: Multiplying Square Roots (Kevin Dorey)


Practice Quiz 1A, 1B, 1C       (Solutions to Practice Quiz)