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Ms. Rome's classes - 120e
Ms. Rome
Ms. Rome
Formalist-Proportion, Photo-Internal Framing

1: Photo 1 (Intro to Digital Media) 2: 2 Yearbook (continued), 2: Photo 2 (concurrent w/Yearbook), 3: Design Theory,

5-6: Photo 1 (Intro to Digital Media)

Yearbook Club: Tu/Th 7:30 am.

Career and Technical Education focused, art aesthetics infused classes, with an emphasis on digital communications skill building for career and college success.

21st Century skillbuilding: teamwork, communications, problem solving, positive attitude, and flexibility. Careers and self-identity exploration.

Digital media compentencies include: file and image management, Google docs/slides/site, MS Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop. Students use the Design Cycle, and develop a digital portfolio. College credit at MCTC is also possible.

Class Syllabus Links Below!

surrealistic digital fauve color theory