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Romo's Weekly WIL (What I Learned)
WIL 1.4 Multicutural
How do you cope with differentiating between school culture (norms, rules, expectations) from "real world" culture on a daily basis?
WIL 1.3 Emotions as a Guide

How do you use emotion to guide your decision-making? What is the limit to the knowledge it can provide?

WIL 1.2 Perception vs Reality

Which is more important, or which is more of a driving force in your reasoning?

WIL 1.1 Three Questions
Choose 1 (based on being Diploma Candidate or taking ToK for poo & giggles):
     Briefly explain your EE (Diploma Candidates) or
     Which (IB) subject or course is your favorite? EXPLAIN!!!
How has ToK changed you?
Which Way of Knowing do you trust the most? EXPLAIN!
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