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Standards Based Grading Rubric

Grading:  The primary purpose is to communicate the academic achievement status of students to students, their families, employers, and post-secondary institutions. Student’s grades will be based on a quarter’s work. Below is the grading scale that will be used. In the next section is the grading rubric, which is based on an 8-point scale.


8 out of 8 points


Exceeds learning target.


92%  A

Consistently meets or exceeds learning target(s)

7 out of 8 points







79%  B

Consistently meets learning target(s)

6 out of 8 points

75%  B-



71%  C+




Generally meets learning target(s)

5 out of 8 points 






4.36 out of 8 points


Occasionally meets learning target(s)

4.16 out of 8 points

52%  D-

 (any percentage lower than 52% will be receive an F)

4 out of 8 points

50%  F


Despite attempt, does not meet learning target(s)


(75%) Summative Assessments – Summative assessments will include 2-3 unit tests per quarter. Students may retake one assessment per quarter. They must meet the retake criteria outlined below. Tests will generally consist of two parts: Calculator (known as Paper 1) and No Calculator (known as Paper 2). Students may retake one part.

(15%) Formative Assessment: Quizzes, Practice and Participation - This includes quizzes, homework, class work, notebook checks, etc. These points will be recorded during class and combined together to form your practice and participation grade. Quizzes will be given about every 1-2 weeks. Students will receive homework about two to three times a week. Students will receive feedback/grade on their homework 1-2 days after turning it in. Homework and quizzes are meant to help students practice concepts and prepare for assessments. Homework will be assessed for completion, methodology, and accuracy. All homework assignments will need to be completed before the unit test. Students will get some class time to work on homework. They are expected to bring their books to class.


(10%) Internal Assessment (IA) - The internal assessment will account for the remaining 10% of the grade. These will be assessed using the IB criteria. Students will complete an internal assessment exploration on a math topic of their choice. These will be due in the beginning of February; however, students will have steps to complete prior to February. Students will receive more details on the internal assessment as they begin the project. This assessment will be graded by the teacher as well as IBO. The IA will account for 10% of the student’s grade (except for fourth quarter.)


Missing & Late Work: Teachers will set all due dates and deadlines.  Teachers will separate the due date from the deadline in order to increase opportunities for students to complete assignments. Late homework will not be accepted after the unit test.


Extra Credit:  No extra credit is offered.




Re-Learning and Retakes:  Students are allowed to retake ONE of the two unit tests per quarter either calculator or no calculator.  The following steps are required prior to any retake:


·        Mistakes on the initial exam must be corrected with sufficient work included

·        A written description in the words of the student detailing the mistakes made on the initial exam

·        Additional practice and/or preparation as prescribed by the teacher

·        All homework must be completed prior to a retake


The above steps and retake must be completed within two weeks of receiving the corrected exam.