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Test Review


Here you will find everything given out in class to prepare you for our final review before the IB exam on May 14th.  Remember to treat the PowerPoints as comprehensive study guides so you know what to review in your own time.

Jeopardy! Review (other reviews on Communism in Crisis page): and

You will also find a sample exam for Paper 2 (the 2nd of the two tests).

Democratic States Study Guide

Cold War Study Guide

document What You Need to Know   --  Specific information about command terms and expected content knowledge from the IB History Guide.
PDF Sample IB Test Paper 2   --  This is a test that was given in recent years that you may use to get a sense of the format and types of questions asked.
document Democratic States Weimar & India   --  Also includes information on the debate and associated prep work for Friday, Apr. 12.