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Testing Information

Please know...

If you have any questions about standardized tests or surveys - feel free to contact Tara Mennitt. phone: 612.668.3509 email:

If you have questions about the PSAT or ACT - feel free to contact Tara Mennitt or the student's guidance counselor.

Questions about AP and IB Testing should be directed to Washburn's Advanced Academics Coordinator - Aaron Percy.


Winter Testing


Starting Monday, January 29th all students identified as English Language Learners will start the ACCESS test.  This test assesses student's academic English in 4 domains: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Students will be pulled from their EL supported class (Social Studies) or their EL stand-alone course.

The testing window runs through March, but the majority of the ACCESS testing will take place during the month of February.


Laga bilaabo Isniinta, Bisha January 29 ardayda ah ELL(barata luqada ingriisida) waxay bilaabayaan imtixaanka ACCESS. Imtixaankani wuxuu qiimaynayaa ingriisida wax dhigashada ee ardayga/ardayada wuxuuna ka qiimaynaya afar dhinac: akhriska,qoraalka,dhagaysiga iyo hadlka. Si ay imitxaankan uqaataan ardayda waxa laga soosaarayaa xiisadaha ay EL ku xoojiso( cilmiga bulshada) ama xiisadaha EL ka ee kaligood taagan. Imitixaanku wuxuu soconayaa bisha March, laakin imtixaanka ACCESS badankiisu wuxuu dhacayaa bisha Feberuary. 


Comenzando el lunes, 29 de enero, todos los estudiantes identificados como aprendices del idioma inglés comenzarán la prueba que se llama "ACCESS". Esta prueba evalúa el inglés académico del estudiante en 4 dominios: lectura, escritura, escucha y hablar. Los estudiantes van a tomar estes examenes durante la hora de su clase de apoyo de inglés como lenguaje segunda (Estudios Sociales) o de su clase independiente de inglés como lenguaje segunda.

Los exámenes tienen que ser completados por el fin de marzo, pero la mayoría de los exámenes van a pasar en febrero.



All 11th graders (juniors) are automatically registered for the ACT on Tuesday, February 27th.  The test is free for all students in 11th grade at Washburn.

Students will take the 4 multiple choice subtests: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science AND take the Writing subtest of the exam.

11th graders are automatically excused from classes on 2/27 and are expected to be on time and present for the testing session which will start promptly at 8:30 AM.

12th graders are also excused from classes on 2/27 and are expected to engage in community service or post-secondary planning.

Go to this website for more test information from ACT:


*Students with 504s, IEP, and EL services may be eligible for test accommodations.  Please speak with your student's case manager, EL teacher, or guidance cousenlor for more information.


Upcoming Tests & Surveys @ Washburn

MCA Tests: 10th graders take the reading test (with their English class).  11th graders take the math test (with their math class) and any student taking Biology (even IB) will take the science MCA. 


MAP tests: 9th graders will take the MAP test (Reading and Math) in late May.  They will test in their English and Math classes.





PDF Washburn Spring Test Schedule   --  For a week by week overview of district, state, and federally mandated testing - please review this document.