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Testing Information

Please know...

If you have any questions about standardized tests or surveys - feel free to contact Tara Mennitt. phone: 612.668.3509 email:

If you have questions about the PSAT or ACT - feel free to contact Tara Mennitt or the student's counselor.

Questions about AP and IB Testing should be directed to Washburn's Advanced Academics Coordinator - Aaron Percy.


Spring Testing


All juniors will be automatically registered for the ACT-for-All on April 24, 2019.  This test is free of charge and includes all four mutliple choice sections and the writing test.  Students will receive more information about the test via their English teachers.  There will be NO makeup days available to students for this free test administration.  

PSEO students should check their email to find out more information.

All students will participate in a Pre-Bubbling Session on April 18 or April 19.  Students must complete the pre-bubbling before they test.

Students with accommodations/supports should have received information from their Case Manager, 504 Coordinator, or EL teacher.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.

ACT National Dates

There are also National Saturday ACT testing dates during the Spring 2019.  Students will need to register for these dates independently and there is a fee associated with them.  If students have questions about this test and the registration process, it is recommeded they go to the CCC or to their Counselor.  

The dates for the Saturday test are as follows:

April 13. Register by March 8

June 8. Register by May 3

July 13. Register by June 14


ACT Workshops

Tara Mennitt periodically runs ACT (Writing) Workshops before the ACT tests.  There will be 2 workshops before the April 24 test date.  Date to be determine.d.


MCA Testing

In order to accommodate both the need to test and for students to be in class and maintain fluidity in their classes, Washburn will be running block scheduling on March 19 (Tuesday) and March 20 (Wednesday).  The longer class periods the block schedule affords us will allow students to test in one class period and not miss additional classes while they complete the MCA test.

MCA reading and math can be used to demonstrate college readiness at MNSCU schools instead of the ACT and ACCUPLACER.

Students will test in their English 10/AP English class on March 19 (periods 1, 3, 5) and March 20 (2, 4, 6).
Students will test in the World History/IB History, Yr 1 class on March 19 (periods 1, 3, 5) and March 20 (2, 4, 6).  Students who are full-time PSEO do NOT have to take the MCA math.  Students who are part-time PSEO are expected to test.  If students are not enrolled in a Social Studies class at Washburn, they will be pulled to test from one of the classes they do take in the building.


Students who are taking Biology/IB Biology will take the MCA Science on March 19 (periods 1, 3, 5) and March 20 (2, 4, 6).

To find out what class students are testing in, please check this Google Document.


Parent Right to Refuse Information

Parents have the right to refuse standardized testing.  Please see the attached MDE documents for further information.

PDF Parent Refusal Form   --  Please download this form and return to Tara Mennitt if you are choosing to opt your student out of standardized testing.
PDF MPS Medical Excuse Form   --  Please sign and return this form if your student should be medically excused from standardized testing.
document PSAT Permission Slip   --  Please return this to Tara Mennitt by 10/17.