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Treble Choir
Mash-up Concert 2015

Course Description/Overview: This vocal ensemble is open to any treble voice student (9-12). The Treble Choir meets daily for rehearsals and present a concert quarterly throughout the year. Students will study a variety of musical styles from various historical periods, cultures, and languages. A vocal arranging and piano chord chart-reading unit are essential components of course. Sight-reading, small ensemble experiences, and vocal pedagogy are embedded throughout the year. The literature studied matches the ensembles developmental level.

Required Materials: Black pants and shoes, pencil, $20 Uniform Cleaning Fee & T-Shirt


1st Quarter Graded Performance

FALL CHOIR CONCERT   THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27                        7:30 P.M.        AUDITORIUM

2nd Quarter Graded Performance

WINTER CONCERT           MONDAY, DECEMBER 12                        7:30 P.M.        AUDITORIUM

3rd Quarter Graded Performance

CLASSICS CONCERT       THURSDAY, MARCH 16                7:30 P.M.        AUDITORIUM

4th Quarter Graded Performance

POP CONCERT                   TUESDAY, MAY 23                         7:30 P.M.        AUDITORIUM


Quarterly Summative Assessments: Total percentage of grade: 75%

-One evening performance (time and dates on the back side of the form) (30%)

- A performance reflection (5%) 

-Part Testing (Recorded during rehearsal) (25%)

-Music Theory Written Assessment  (15%)

Quarterly Formative Assessment: Total percentage of grade: 25%

-Weekly Rehearsal Activities (25%) Engage in Singing, Listen, Sit in Assigned Seat/Section with Music


Grading: The primary purpose of grading is to communicate the academic achievement status of students to students, their families, employers, and post-secondary institutions.  A grade should accurately reflect what students know and are able to do in a course.


Grade Definitions

A A-

93.00 - 100%

90.00 – 92.99%

Exemplary work



87.00 – 89.99%

Proficient/Thorough work


83.00 - 86.99%



80.00 – 82.99%



77.00 – 79.99%

Acceptable work


73.00 – 76.99%



70.00 – 72.99%



67.00 – 69.99%

Mediocre work


63.00 - 66.99%



60.00 – 62.99%



0 – 59.99%

Unacceptable work


Grading modifications may be made for students with IEP or 504 plans.