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Geometry Unit Challenge Problems

Welcome to the Washburn High School Geometry Challenge Page.    

  • Test your knowledge of geometry by taking on problems that are challenging and fun.
  • Submit your solution
    to your geometry instructor Ms. Hebl, Ms. Jones, Mr. Sudo, or Ms. Temi by the posted deadline.
  • Solutions will be judged based on presentation, clarity, quality, and how you use mathematical concepts to convincingly justify your solution.
  • Challenge winners will win fame, glory, and a small prize.


Quarter 1 Challenge - Compass Circle Design -Ended October 13

2017 Winner Holden Genrich (Mr. Sudo Per 4)
Winning Entry - Holden Genrich (Mr. Sudo Per 4)

Quarter 1 Challenge - Compass Circle Design - due Monday October 2

Your design must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be constructed with a compass and straightedge

2. Must include circles of at least two different sizes.

Winners will be judged by the Geometry teaching staff.  Winner will be selected based on quality (design) and presentation (neatness and color) , use of reflectional and rotational symmetry, and originality (not just the same flower pedal design we did in class).

Runner Up: Thea Pederson (Mr. Sudo Per 4)
Runner Up: Tania Vega (Ms. Jones Per 1)