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Unit 1: Angles and lines

This unit will be completed within the first two weeks of school. It will provide a brief overview of vocabulary. Students will have an introduction to the tools of geometry including a compass, straightedge (ruler), and protractor. Students will also complete a Mandala representative of themselves. This unit also uses previous skills learned algebra including slope and solving equations. They will also be introduced to standards based grading. Below are the learning targets addressed in this unit.


Unit 1 Long Term Learning Targets:

1.1:    I can solve problems and justify my results using parallel and perpendicular line properties.

1.2:    I can solve problems and justify my results using angle properties.

1.3:    I can use coordinate geometry to represent and analyze points and lines.


 Unit 1 Angle Relationships:

In your groups, click the link. Look at the examples and non-examples of each word. Come up with a definition. Remember to classify, differentiate, and look for a counterexample. 


Helpful link for constructions:

· Duplicate a segment

 ·Duplicate an angle

 ·Construct a perpendicular bisector

 ·Construct an angle bisector

  ·Construct a perpendicular from a point to a line

 ·Construct a perpendicular from a point on a line

 ·Construct parallel lines

 Videos for Unit 1: