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Unit 1: Pre-Contact to 1800

  1. I can compare and contrast the diverse societies that existed in North America prior to European contact. (,
  2. I can analyze how the Columbian exchange influenced the social and environmental aspects of indigenous peoples. (,
  3. I can compare and contrast the economic, political and religious motives of European immigrants and indentured servants. (
  4. I can explain the development of the Atlantic slave trade and describe the demographic, economic and political impact on West Africa, Europe, Americas and enslaved peoples. (
  5. I can analyze the economic impact of colonization on indigenous Nations, enslaved Africans and European Americans. (,
  6. I can analyze the growth of colonies and can describe the changing concepts and perceptions about race, gender and family in the colonial societies. (
  7. I can analyze the political and military events that resulted in tensions leading to war with Great Britain that led to the American Revolution.  (
  8. I can explain how the American Revolution influenced other revolutions across the world. (,
  9. I can analyze the arguments about the organization and powers of the federal government after the American Revolution. (