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Unit 2: Expansion and Reform 1792-1877

  1. I can explain the influence of technological innovations and expansionism on the economy and foreign relations. (,
  2. I can analyze the political, social changes in communities and institutions to promote reform. (,,
  3. I can describe the resistance of African Americans to enslavement before the Civil War. (
  4. I can explain how economic and social differences in the Northern and Southern societies contributed to the Civil War. (
  5. I can explain how debates over slavery and state’s rights led to Southern secession. ( 2.6 I can explain the key issues and battles of the Civil War. ( 2.7 I can describe the institutions and individuals that struggled for African-American rights after emancipation (
  6. I can explain how policies and advancements in technology affected the post-Civil War American society. (
  7. I can analyze the impact of federal post-war policies on the economy and race relations in the South. (
  8. I can explain the consequences of post-war amendments and evaluate their effectiveness in promoting freedom and equality. (