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Unit 3: Industrial Revolution & Immigration 1870-1920

  1. I can explain how unregulated capitalism led to modern corporations and the rise of labor unions. (
  2. I can analyze how migration/immigration changed national demographics. (
  3. I can analyze how the shift from farming to manufacturing contributed to consumption, popular culture and urbanization. (
  4. I can explain changes and impact of policies regarding indigenous nations sovereignty, education and their responses. (
  5. I can explain Jim Crow and institutional racism led to racial violence and debates about equality across the nation. (
  6. I can analyze reform movements of the Progressive Era and evaluate the impact on individuals, communities and institutions.
  7. I can evaluate the political responses to industrialism and monopoly capitalism related to urbanization. (
  8. I can explain how the United States used trade and imperialism became a world power. (
  9. I can analyze U.S involvement in World War I on domestic and foreign policy. (